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Featured Products

  • Cicli Devotion

    Classic racing bicycles & components bought, sold and refurbished.

  • Champion Coffee

  • Five Leaves

    Dedicated to using the best quality ingredients. We serve wild and sustainable seafood, organic poultry, grass fed free range meats, organic eggs and source locally whenever possible.

  • Gage+DeSoto

    Gage+DeSoto is a unique resource at the intersection of cycling and design. We specialize in books, magazines, and modern ephemera for the road cyclist. Based in NYC, G+D is expanding - not only with some recent in-house designs, but with exciting new products from friends and independent brands.

  • Garmin

    Built to Last, these 3 words describe our products, our company, our culture - and our future. As a leading worldwide provider of navigation, we are committed to making superior products for automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness markets that are an essential part of our customers’ lives.

  • hatchmap

    No matter the platform, language, or format, hatchmap can develop your next software project using the latest and most cutting edge technologies. Whether it is a mobile app for a 10,000 person conference, a client/server based web platform with 100,000+ users, or live, real time software to enhance your live event, hatchmap is here to help craft the best solution.


    HSUPER! is Brooklyn-based studio exploring designs in cycling culture. Thought only to be a temporary store to sell embroidered goods, it has expanded into various cycling gear for all to enjoy. It's HSUPER! (The H is silent.)

  • Pilgrim Surf + Supply

    A killer little shop specializing in surfboards, apparel, and bags. If you’re in the hood, be sure to swing in and check out their store, I think you’ll be impressed.

  • Rick Jones

    Building bike frames is the highest form of the bike mechanic’s art. A few years back Rick figured it was time for him to step-up and start making his own frames. Looking for guidance he sought out local frame builder Jamie Swan. Jamie is a well-respected 40+ year veteran of the bicycle industry. He’s been a part time frame builder since 1981, and lucky for Rick, he now works as a machinist at a college right here in Glen Cove. Jamie has been extremely generous in sharing his knowledge of frame building and machining. With his guidance Rick has been setting up a frame building shop and developing my skills.

  • Rosko Cycles

    Racing frames made in New York City.

  • Silk Road Cycles

    With a friendly and knowledgeable mechanic and customer service team, Silk Road Cycles is proud to be a full service repair shop and seller of bicycles, parts, and accessories in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

  • SpiderTech

    SpiderTech tape is a non-medicated cotton kinesiology tape that you apply to your body wherever it hurts. The tape has a very specific elasticity built into the weave pattern of the cotton fabric, which mimics the elasticity and thickness of human skin, allowing it to integrate, support and stabilize without adversely affecting healthy ranges of motion.

  • Strava

    Track all your runs, rides and cross-training too. Upload your activities from your Garmin, Android or iPhone and Strava will automatically log all your workouts. Strava is free to use! Record your runs and rides, track your progress and join challenges at no cost. Upgrade to a Strava Premium membership and find even more motivational features like the ability to set progress goals, see where you stack up with filtered leaderboards, and more.

  • Tar Pit

  • Variety Coffee

  • Verge Sport

    Verge Sport was founded by cyclists who identified a need for a new kind of clothing supplier - one that could give special attention to product quality and customer service. Verge has made it their business to know what cyclists need; Verge has made it their passion to provide it. Numerous cyclists already know that Verge's clothing and customer service are world class. Returning customers will see that Verge has taken their designs, materials and customer service to new levels.

  • Wahoo Fitness

    Wahoo Fitness is a fitness products company dedicated to bridging the gap between expensive, accurate exercise sensors and the everyday athlete. We achieve this by displaying workout information on that expensive computer you already carry with you… your smart phone. By doing this, we eliminate the cost of dedicated display devices and harness the functionality of your phone. Generally, your smart phone will incorporate a GPS, an mp3 player and other features that are useful when working out, anyway. Most importantly, smart phones have wonderful displays and processing power which draws a host of third party software designers who can generate, store and reproduce your exercise information into whatever format you best prefer.