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Turbo MaximusDerek Kimes' Boosted Yamaha XJ750 Maxim

Turbo Maximus

‘Turbo Maximus’ took top honors at the Jekyll Island event, which is not surprising when you consider the XJ900 engine transplant, the properly engineered turbo conversion, and the delicious race replica bodywork.

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Looking Back While Racing ForwardThe Mule Motorcycles / MotoAmerica YZF-R1

MotoAmerica YZF-R1

The story of this bike is also the story of MotoAmerica, the new racing series that hopes to resurrect motorcycle road racing in the United States. The story begins with Richard Varner, best known to motorcycle aficionados as the man behind Champions Moto. Varner along with Terry Karges, current Executive Director for the Petersen Automotive Museum, and Pollock were invited to meet with 3-time MotoGP 500cc Superbike champion Wayne Rainey in Monterey to discuss ways in which Wayne could get involved with motorcycles beyond his regular appearances for Yamaha.

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Italian Dream MotorcyclesLucky X, Suzuki Bandit 1200

Italian Dream Motorcycles, Lucky X, Suzuki Bandit 1200

The Lucky X, Suzuki Bandit by Italian Dream Motorcycles Sergio Giordano, is obsessed with creating gorgeous motorcycles that perform brilliantly. Instead of sacrificing function for form, Sergio and his IDM crew focus efforts on the R&D necessary to find optimal balance.

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Gareth Evans: YAMAPRILIAThe Maddest Two-Stroke on the Track


Gareth Evans YAMAPRILIA is a Yamaha RZ350 motor, wedged into an Aprilia RS250 frame, and wrapped in a mix of hand-made and top-shelf parts. The project was three years in the making...

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The Real Muscle Bike: Yamaha XJR 1300From ROA Motorcycles

ROA Yamaha XJR 1300

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Puts The Racer In Cafe Racer:Yamaha XSR900 Abarth 2017

Yamaha XSR900 Abarth 2017

The XSR900 Abarth was designed alongside the car company, thanks in large part to their association through Yamaha's MotoGP team and FIAT. To give the XSR the Abarth treatment, a carbon nose cowling and rear seat cowling were added, as well as a low-slung handlebar and fancy Akropovic exhaust. The final touches came in the form of a suede seat, gray paint job with red speed blocks, and Abarth logos.

The full titanium exhaust and lower bars will give this new version of the XSR a decidedly more sporty feeling.

Yamaha is only making 695 of the Abarth edition, no word yet on price or whether any of those will be available Stateside.

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Rough Crafts X MV Agusta: Ballistic Trident

Rough Crafts X MV Agusta

It takes a very, very brave builder to tackle an MV Agusta. The slogan of the Varese company is ‘Motorcycle Art,’ and for once, the advertising is true.

But Winston Yeh didn’t baulk when he got a call from MV Agusta’s people in Taiwan. A gleaming new Brutale 800 RR was soon delivered to his workshop in Taipei, ready for a unique Rough Crafts makeover.

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Soothe the Savage: Herencia’s Upgraded Honda CBX

Herencia Honda CBX

Ah, the late 70s: a time when ‘superbikes’ were naked brutes, and more cylinders were the order of the day. And the Honda CBX is the poster child for that era. Powered by a 1047cc inline six, the CBX punched out 105bhp. It was an insane figure back then, and still respectable by today’s standards...

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Roland Sands Design: 2 Stroke AttackYamaha RD400 / TZ250

2 Stroke Attack

A two stroke race bike powered by a 1974 vintage Yamaha RD 400 motor wedged into a 1997 TZ chassis. Sourcing parts from the shelves of Team Roberts Grand Prix race bikes as well as Roland’s own stock pile of TZ 250 GP bits the machine’s racing heritage grew into a bike that balanced the custom world with that of GP racing. Fast, incredibly light and good handling the RDTZ is a blast from the past and a look into the future of what custom bikes can be.

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Flying Dutchman: Yamaha XS850 RacerFrom Holland

Flying Dutchman Yamaha XS850 Racer

Every year, Dutchman Maarten Poodt builds a new bike. As winter approaches and the daylight hours shorten, he starts a new project from scratch.

There are a few must-haves. The bike has to be an older, reasonably rare Yamaha. It must be possible to convert it into a sportbike with good handling. And it needs to look ‘factory’-complete with rear fender, if need be. Like this incredible XS850 inspired by vintage racebikes.

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The brief was clear: “Cub plus chopper plus love.” The Taiwanese workshop @2loud_custom delivered, with a heavily modified SYM Cub clone. Looks like their client is very happy, and we love the bike too.

Hit the bio link for the exclusive story and more images by @bluewing_k180, or zoom over to

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Studded tires and frosty blue paint: this 1973 Penton Mudlark custom from @utopeia_moto_company is cooler than a bag of ice—despite being built for a Sturgis rally exhibition.

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Nearly thirty years old and looking better than ever: this Honda NX650 Dominator street tracker comes from Holger Breuer of @__hbcustom__ in Germany. It’s sporting new bodywork, electronics and controls — plus that lovely custom two-into-one exhaust system.

Hit the bio link for more images by @emayat7, or jump to

#honda #NX650 #streettracker #streetscrambler #scramblerstrackers #ContiMotoUSA #magura #custommotorcycle #hondamotorcycles #hondadominator #hondamotos @honda_powersports_us @hondaukmotorcycles #bikeexif